DON’T buy your puppy from a pet shop! Buying a puppy from them, is BUYNG FROM PUPPY MILLS!!!

Don’t buy your puppy from a pet shop!

When it is time to get a puppy going to the pet shop is a really bad idea. Unfortunately pet shops are not very vested in where they get their puppies from as a matter of fact many times they get their puppies from puppy mills.

In many cases they are getting puppies from puppy mills that are not run in an ethical manner. They also get a lot of puppies that were “dropped off” or left because they could not be sold elsewhere for more money.


It does not take a lot of know how to open a pet shop. Even the large chain pet shops do not really concern themselves with their “stock” and where their stock comes from. It is actually quite a sad state of affairs. Pet shops are not expert in any particular species and can not tell you about a specific breed of dog with any level of certainty.

Typically pet shops hire clerks at minimum wage part time to run the store.


Puppy mills sell their puppies to pet shops all the time like they are clearance items from last season. Remember the pet shop is there for one purpose and one purpose only. Profits! Like any big box discount type store they are not looking to see where the inventory comes from they are just concerned with the bottom line.

The “inventory” is confined to very small spaces until it is sold. The dogs are not socialized other than when customers pass by and maybe stop to say hello and please do not forget that the puppies in pet shops may only be socialized to people that think it funny to tease a puppy in a cage 🙁 .

Consumer Demand

Don’t buy your puppy from a pet shop!

As long as people go to a pet shop to purchase puppies, pet shops will continue to buy puppies from puppy mills. The pet shops are concerned with profits. Buying puppies in bulk is a way they can optimize their profits.

Buying puppies from pet shops is just a bad idea. There are plenty of ethical breeders that take the time to care for their dogs and their puppies the way they should be cared for. If consumer demand dwindles than pet shops will no longer support the puppy mills that are selling them “discount dogs”.

Saving a few dollar by going to a pet shop to purchase a puppy may help you and 1 puppy in the end but ultimately all it does is feed the machine of greed that causes puppy mills to be so prevalent.