Good vetYour dog has many needs. He needs love, care and concern. But on top of that he needs proper food, dental care, supplements, toys and of course proper veterinary care. Your dog cannot literally tell you how to find a good vet so it is up to you to find a vet who will give your furry friend the best care.

A good vet can help you create the best life for your dog. He or she can help you provide the proper diet for your dog. He or she can assess the health of your dog. Medical needs such as proper vaccinations, medications and supplements can only be recommended by your vet. Finding a vet who you can create a long lasting and happy relationship with is essential for the well being of your dog.

What is Good Veterinarian?

In this day and age there are so many veterinary clinics and there are so many veterinarians available for us to choose from. There are vets who specialize in different kinds of treatments and animals. Nowadays there are even cardiology vets, neurology vets and so on. But an all around vet is your best bet for the maintenance of your dog’s health.

Certification and Accreditation

A good veterinarian would have all the proper accreditation and certification. He or she will display this in his or her clinic for the pet owners to see. He will have graduated from a reputable institutions. He or she would gladly tell you which school he or she is from if you ask.

Aside from graduating from a good school, a good veterinarian also would expand his knowledge through taking conventions and seminars regarding animal health. He will keep himself updated with all the new teachings and breakthroughs about animal health.

Good in Handling Fido

Veterinarians are supposed to be able to handle pets with care, love and ease. He or she can communicate well with your dog and make him feel at ease in the clinic. He should be able to provide the treatments to your dog without stressing your pet or with minimal stress possible.

You can sense in your dog if he or she likes the vet. You will know if he feels agitated or abused or stressed. Of course there will be a chance of minimal stress but your vet should be able to provide comfort and reassurance.

He Provides ALL Pertinent Information

Vets who are the best choice are the ones who not only know a lot, but also are able to provide you a thorough explanation of your dog’s situation. He will try to educate you well about your dog’s issues, treatments, sickness or whatever his needs are. A good vet will also provide you a very good explanation which you can understand.

Your vet should be able to answer your question about your dog. He or she will provide you both the good and the bad aspects of a treatment and provide you all the options that you have. He or she will not hide anything about what your dog is going through. He or she will also disclose the side effects of a particular treatments

He or She is Available in Times of Emergency

Veterinarians are DOCTORS. He or she should be on call in times of danger or emergencies. He or she should not be too “busy” to rush to the clinic to provide emergency care for your dog. He or she should be ready to provide CPR, emergency response or any form of care that your dog needs in that time of distress.


A good vet should be able to make you feel how important your pet is. Most pet owners do not see their pets as mere pets but as children with four lower limbs. A good vet should be patient with you as he or she speaks and explains what your dog needs. He should be kind to you and your dog. He or she should not treat you like a number in his checklist but a person who seeks his help and advice.

How Do You Find THE Vet?

Good Vet

So how do you find the vet of your dreams? Well you can ask around with your friends who also have pets. Chances are word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out if a vet is excellent and caring. You can also check the internet to find a good and reputable vet. He or she can have a website or a social media account. You can find reviews about him or her online

On the other hand, here is a short check list for finding the right vet.

1. Clean Clinic – His space should be clean, sanitary but also warm and friendly.

2. Trained Staff – A good vet will have staff who knows how to handle pets well. Each of his staff should be polite and friendly. They should be wearing the proper uniform and you can talk to them easily. They should know their work well.

3. Clinic Facilities – A vet should have the proper tools in order to care for your pet. He should be able to provide clean and safe medications. He should have emergency response equipment. He should have proper holding areas for dogs and cats awaiting for care.

4. Easy to Talk to – Well, a good vet will be someone approachable, knowledgeable but still kind.

5. Your Doggie Likes Him – Obviously, if your poochie likes him, then he is a winner. Dogs know if this person is someone they can trust or not.

What If You No Longer Like Your Current Vet?

If your current vet is someone you no longer trust with the life of your dog, then by all means “break up” with him. Your dog needs the health care he deserves. If your vet is not able to give what you think is best for your dog, then you need to find another vet.

The point of having a vet is because you love your dog. If you feel that your vet is not the perfect fit, you must talk to him and let him know that you want to find a second opinion. You should also try to let him know that you are fur parent and that you will do everything to provide the best care for your dog.