Adopt! Don’t Shop!


Have you ever been to a pet store where all the small puppies are begging you to take them home? They look all so cute and cuddly right? But have you ever been to a shelter. Most of the dogs there look sad and depressed but seem excited to see you. When getting a dog, where do you go, a pet shop or a shelter?

Adopt a Dog

If you have seen puppies in the pet store, I’m pretty sure you found them really cute and wanted to take them home. But have you ever thought about their mum who is heart broken and sick with loneliness somewhere because someone took away her puppies?

Yes puppy mills do exist. And normally they do supply pet stores with those cute puppies that jump around in their cases or cages. They treat the doggie mums like a factory. Once she can no longer sire and produce puppies, they discard her.

When you adopt a dog, you help raise awareness that dogs in the shelter deserve love and support. You also show that you don’t support puppy mills.

Benefits of Adopting a Dog

There are many benefits of adopting dogs. Shelter dogs need a place to live in a family who will love them. Many people see a big change in dogs who are adopted. From being sad and depressed, they suddenly become full of life and happy.

1. Cost – Most breeders or pet stores charge a hefty price for their dogs. They do this because they think about profits. They want to make money from the poor dog who does not even know that he or she is being sold.

2. Helping someone in need – One of the best feelings in the world is the ability to help someone in need. When you adopt a dog, you will in their eyes how happy and grateful they are. Helping a dog is one of the best things you can do because they will be forever be faithful and thankful to you.

Aside from that, when you help a dog, you help make this world a better place.

3. Reduce the number of euthanized dogs – Many dogs in many shelters become euthanized. This is because the shelter cannot support the number of dogs they have. Some shelters have a no kill policy but others do this as a humane way to let go of dogs. Adopting a dog will help shelters and would save a life.

4. Adopted dogs can give you more love than you can imagine – Adopted dogs may have had hard life in the past, but they sure would never lack in the love they can give. They normally sit in their cages waiting for someone to choose them and take them home.

I have seen several dogs who have had a lonely face before going into adoption who suddenly become happy and alive after being picked. Dogs are smart animals and are loyal too. If you show them love, they will return this love ten fold.

Why is Shopping for Dogs Not Good

Buying dogs helps build the trade of using dogs like machines to just create toys. Dogs are living and breathing creatures. They have feelings and they are certainly not factories and their babies are not toys.

When you support a system of abuse, you ultimately BECOME AN ABUSER TOO. You are a part of the people who mercilessly use mommy dogs to get more and more puppy and just throw her out when she is old and weak. You become a part of the system who kills runt puppies.

The system of selling dogs is a vicious cycle that YOU SHOULD NEVER BE A PART OF.

Adopt, DON’T SHOP!

There are many dogs in the streets and in shelters who are lonely. They need a loving home and they need YOU. Without people like you who are kind and generous, they can never survive.

Having a dog is not about his breed or his looks, it is about the love he can give. Adopting a dog will allow you to experience a special kind of love from a special friend who will be forever loyal to you.