Putting a leash on your dog is quiet important. Without a leash, your dog maybe difficult to control. Many places that allow dogs require you to put your dog on a leash. Without a leash, your dog can easily run away or may be a danger to others especially kids.

Putting a leash on a dog can be tricky though Some dogs tend to run very fast and may not want to be lead by their human. This may cause agitation on your dog that can lead to temperament issues.

Ceasar Milan, the famous dog whisperer teaches us simple ways of teaching a dog how to wear a leash.


Have you ever been to a pet store where all the small puppies are begging you to take them home? They look all so cute and cuddly right? But have you ever been to a shelter. Most of the dogs there look sad and depressed but seem excited to see you. When getting a dog, where do you go, a pet shop or a shelter?

Adopt a Dog

If you have seen puppies in the pet store, I’m pretty sure you found them really cute and wanted to take them home. But have you ever thought about their mum who is heart broken and sick with loneliness somewhere because someone took away her puppies?

Yes puppy mills do exist. And normally they do supply pet stores with those cute puppies that jump around in their cases or cages. They treat the doggie mums like a factory. Once she can no longer sire and produce puppies, they discard her.

When you adopt a dog, you help raise awareness that dogs in the shelter deserve love and support. You also show that you don’t support puppy mills.

Benefits of Adopting a Dog

There are many benefits of adopting dogs. Shelter dogs need a place to live in a family who will love them. Many people see a big change in dogs who are adopted. From being sad and depressed, they suddenly become full of life and happy.

1. Cost – Most breeders or pet stores charge a hefty price for their dogs. They do this because they think about profits. They want to make money from the poor dog who does not even know that he or she is being sold.

2. Helping someone in need – One of the best feelings in the world is the ability to help someone in need. When you adopt a dog, you will in their eyes how happy and grateful they are. Helping a dog is one of the best things you can do because they will be forever be faithful and thankful to you.

Aside from that, when you help a dog, you help make this world a better place.

3. Reduce the number of euthanized dogs – Many dogs in many shelters become euthanized. This is because the shelter cannot support the number of dogs they have. Some shelters have a no kill policy but others do this as a humane way to let go of dogs. Adopting a dog will help shelters and would save a life.

4. Adopted dogs can give you more love than you can imagine – Adopted dogs may have had hard life in the past, but they sure would never lack in the love they can give. They normally sit in their cages waiting for someone to choose them and take them home.

I have seen several dogs who have had a lonely face before going into adoption who suddenly become happy and alive after being picked. Dogs are smart animals and are loyal too. If you show them love, they will return this love ten fold.

Why is Shopping for Dogs Not Good

Buying dogs helps build the trade of using dogs like machines to just create toys. Dogs are living and breathing creatures. They have feelings and they are certainly not factories and their babies are not toys.

When you support a system of abuse, you ultimately BECOME AN ABUSER TOO. You are a part of the people who mercilessly use mommy dogs to get more and more puppy and just throw her out when she is old and weak. You become a part of the system who kills runt puppies.

The system of selling dogs is a vicious cycle that YOU SHOULD NEVER BE A PART OF.

Adopt, DON’T SHOP!

There are many dogs in the streets and in shelters who are lonely. They need a loving home and they need YOU. Without people like you who are kind and generous, they can never survive.

Having a dog is not about his breed or his looks, it is about the love he can give. Adopting a dog will allow you to experience a special kind of love from a special friend who will be forever loyal to you.

Good vetYour dog has many needs. He needs love, care and concern. But on top of that he needs proper food, dental care, supplements, toys and of course proper veterinary care. Your dog cannot literally tell you how to find a good vet so it is up to you to find a vet who will give your furry friend the best care.

A good vet can help you create the best life for your dog. He or she can help you provide the proper diet for your dog. He or she can assess the health of your dog. Medical needs such as proper vaccinations, medications and supplements can only be recommended by your vet. Finding a vet who you can create a long lasting and happy relationship with is essential for the well being of your dog.

What is Good Veterinarian?

In this day and age there are so many veterinary clinics and there are so many veterinarians available for us to choose from. There are vets who specialize in different kinds of treatments and animals. Nowadays there are even cardiology vets, neurology vets and so on. But an all around vet is your best bet for the maintenance of your dog’s health.

Certification and Accreditation

A good veterinarian would have all the proper accreditation and certification. He or she will display this in his or her clinic for the pet owners to see. He will have graduated from a reputable institutions. He or she would gladly tell you which school he or she is from if you ask.

Aside from graduating from a good school, a good veterinarian also would expand his knowledge through taking conventions and seminars regarding animal health. He will keep himself updated with all the new teachings and breakthroughs about animal health.

Good in Handling Fido

Veterinarians are supposed to be able to handle pets with care, love and ease. He or she can communicate well with your dog and make him feel at ease in the clinic. He should be able to provide the treatments to your dog without stressing your pet or with minimal stress possible.

You can sense in your dog if he or she likes the vet. You will know if he feels agitated or abused or stressed. Of course there will be a chance of minimal stress but your vet should be able to provide comfort and reassurance.

He Provides ALL Pertinent Information

Vets who are the best choice are the ones who not only know a lot, but also are able to provide you a thorough explanation of your dog’s situation. He will try to educate you well about your dog’s issues, treatments, sickness or whatever his needs are. A good vet will also provide you a very good explanation which you can understand.

Your vet should be able to answer your question about your dog. He or she will provide you both the good and the bad aspects of a treatment and provide you all the options that you have. He or she will not hide anything about what your dog is going through. He or she will also disclose the side effects of a particular treatments

He or She is Available in Times of Emergency

Veterinarians are DOCTORS. He or she should be on call in times of danger or emergencies. He or she should not be too “busy” to rush to the clinic to provide emergency care for your dog. He or she should be ready to provide CPR, emergency response or any form of care that your dog needs in that time of distress.


A good vet should be able to make you feel how important your pet is. Most pet owners do not see their pets as mere pets but as children with four lower limbs. A good vet should be patient with you as he or she speaks and explains what your dog needs. He should be kind to you and your dog. He or she should not treat you like a number in his checklist but a person who seeks his help and advice.

How Do You Find THE Vet?

Good Vet

So how do you find the vet of your dreams? Well you can ask around with your friends who also have pets. Chances are word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out if a vet is excellent and caring. You can also check the internet to find a good and reputable vet. He or she can have a website or a social media account. You can find reviews about him or her online

On the other hand, here is a short check list for finding the right vet.

1. Clean Clinic – His space should be clean, sanitary but also warm and friendly.

2. Trained Staff – A good vet will have staff who knows how to handle pets well. Each of his staff should be polite and friendly. They should be wearing the proper uniform and you can talk to them easily. They should know their work well.

3. Clinic Facilities – A vet should have the proper tools in order to care for your pet. He should be able to provide clean and safe medications. He should have emergency response equipment. He should have proper holding areas for dogs and cats awaiting for care.

4. Easy to Talk to – Well, a good vet will be someone approachable, knowledgeable but still kind.

5. Your Doggie Likes Him – Obviously, if your poochie likes him, then he is a winner. Dogs know if this person is someone they can trust or not.

What If You No Longer Like Your Current Vet?

If your current vet is someone you no longer trust with the life of your dog, then by all means “break up” with him. Your dog needs the health care he deserves. If your vet is not able to give what you think is best for your dog, then you need to find another vet.

The point of having a vet is because you love your dog. If you feel that your vet is not the perfect fit, you must talk to him and let him know that you want to find a second opinion. You should also try to let him know that you are fur parent and that you will do everything to provide the best care for your dog.


Are you considering purchasing a puppy? There are a few things that you can look for that will point to an ethical dog breeder. Not every breeder is ethical and not every breeder is able to provide you with a healthy well adjusted puppy.

You have to be careful when you are buying a dog from a breeder. You do not want to purchase a puppy from a puppy mill. You will not only wind up with costly medical bills for your new puppy and you certainly do not want to support an operation where dogs are not being treated ethically.

Unfortunately there is no national standard that dog breeders have to follow so there is no clear cut way to judge a dog breeder. You have to take matters into your own hands to be sure that you are not supporting a breeder that should be put out of business.

Visit the Facility

Before you commit to purchase a puppy go meet the parents! In some cases both the parents may not be available but you should insist on meeting mom. You can tell a lot by how a dog lives. If you see that the area where mom is kept is not clean or seems small than you know you are not in an ethical breeding environment.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Hopefully the breeder that you are considering is asking you a lot of questions! An ethical breeder is going to ask you questions and you will likely have to fill out an application of sorts so that the breeder can get to know about your living situation.

You also want to ask questions. Some things you should be asking are:

  • How old is the mother?
  • How many times has she been bred?
  • Will the puppies leave their home with shot records and a health certificate?
  • Will the puppies be socialized before leaving home?

The age of the mother is important. You want to make sure that the mom is at least two years old. Any dog bred before the age of two is not mature enough to enjoy motherhood and it also points to the quickness in which the breeder is trying to make money of his/her dog.

Asking how many times the dog has been bred is also an important questions. Over breeding a dog is a sure sign of irresponsible breeding.

Asking questions about how the puppies will be treated after they are born is very important because you need to know that you are buying a puppy from a loving environment that has been treated well.

You should find out if the puppies have been wormed and de flea-d.  Its normal for breeders, including ethical ones, to use products like advocat and frontline, but it is worth being aware that many of these products are actually dangerous for long term use. Find out more about this here in is frontline safe for dogs and puppies?

They Know Their Breed

An ethical breeder is someone that knows their breed. They can tell you everything you need to know from A-Z about the breed. They have done their homework and have the experience to make the right recommendations about their breed.  A “backyard breeder” is someone that may or may not treat their dogs ethically they are not quite as bad as the puppy mill breeders but they usually do not have the same knowledge as the professional breeder and usually do not take care of their dogs the way an ethical professional breeder does.

The level of knowledge is what sets ethical professional breeders apart from others. The fact that a breeder has taken the time to really get to know the breed is a huge plus. You might also like to see if they are knowledgable about food and dietry requirements, and some of the best breeders may know about organic foods for your pet, and otheralternative and natural treatments for fleas. So don’t be shy to ask!

Ask Your Vet

A great source of ethical breeders is your local vet. A veterinarian usually will be able to tell you which breeders treat their dogs well because they get to see the dogs regularly!

Buying a puppy is something that is not to be taken lightly so please don’t skimp on your research and due diligence, to ensure you get a happy and healthy puppy that will grow into a strong and happy dog.

Many times if you buy a puppy from a bad breeder or puppy mill, you will get a dog with health problems or even behavioural problems.  But even if you have already made that mistake don’t just give up on your dog! There is lots you can do to improve his or her behaviour and I just love watching The Dog Whisperer – (Dreamy Cesar Millan!)

Here he is with some of his toughest cases!


Don’t buy your puppy from a pet shop!

When it is time to get a puppy going to the pet shop is a really bad idea. Unfortunately pet shops are not very vested in where they get their puppies from as a matter of fact many times they get their puppies from puppy mills.

In many cases they are getting puppies from puppy mills that are not run in an ethical manner. They also get a lot of puppies that were “dropped off” or left because they could not be sold elsewhere for more money.


It does not take a lot of know how to open a pet shop. Even the large chain pet shops do not really concern themselves with their “stock” and where their stock comes from. It is actually quite a sad state of affairs. Pet shops are not expert in any particular species and can not tell you about a specific breed of dog with any level of certainty.

Typically pet shops hire clerks at minimum wage part time to run the store.


Puppy mills sell their puppies to pet shops all the time like they are clearance items from last season. Remember the pet shop is there for one purpose and one purpose only. Profits! Like any big box discount type store they are not looking to see where the inventory comes from they are just concerned with the bottom line.

The “inventory” is confined to very small spaces until it is sold. The dogs are not socialized other than when customers pass by and maybe stop to say hello and please do not forget that the puppies in pet shops may only be socialized to people that think it funny to tease a puppy in a cage 🙁 .

Consumer Demand

Don’t buy your puppy from a pet shop!

As long as people go to a pet shop to purchase puppies, pet shops will continue to buy puppies from puppy mills. The pet shops are concerned with profits. Buying puppies in bulk is a way they can optimize their profits.

Buying puppies from pet shops is just a bad idea. There are plenty of ethical breeders that take the time to care for their dogs and their puppies the way they should be cared for. If consumer demand dwindles than pet shops will no longer support the puppy mills that are selling them “discount dogs”.

Saving a few dollar by going to a pet shop to purchase a puppy may help you and 1 puppy in the end but ultimately all it does is feed the machine of greed that causes puppy mills to be so prevalent.


Our pets deserve the best. We want them to live long and healthy lives. We get worried if they sick and we fuss if we hear them crying. On the other hand, our pets have no way of really telling us out loud what they want; we can only rely on their body signals. They whimper when they are ill or wag their tails when they are happy. Sometimes they are happy but suddenly get ill and we go into this super helicopter parent mode to aid them. We try to feed them the right food and sometimes we try too much. We wonder, should we give supplements to our dogs?

What are Supplements For?

Giving supplements to dogs now a days is becoming very popular. A lot of pet owners want their pets to have shiny coats that grow beautifully like those we see in commercials. We also heard about supplements that fight aging bones and osteoporosis and arthritis. There is also a supplement for immune system and all that. But do our dogs really need these? Studies have shown that most dogs can get their needed nutrients from commercially prepared dog food. Reputable dog food normally contain everything that your dog needs. Giving your dog vitamins or supplements if not recommended by your vet can cause him more harm than good.

Be Careful with What You Give to Your Furry Friend!

Dogs have a different physiology from humans. Some supplements and medications that are good for us can actually harm them. One good example of this is garlic. Garlic can cause severe anemia in dogs that it can kill them. There are many substances that are tolerated by humans that dogs cannot one of them is grapes and raisins. These may give us anti-oxidants but can cause kidney problems in dogs. The best way to provide your dog with ample nutrients is to provide them with food that is complete and has all their needs.

So When Do I Give My Dog Supplements?


In general most vets do not recommend supplements. For shiny coats giving Omega-3 Fatty acids can be fine as well as fish oil. Some pets do need help from joint pain but never give him without consulting your vet. Calcium can build up if not given in proper dosages which can cause your dog to have kidney stones and bone problems. Water soluble nutrients like vitamin C and B vitamins are normally excreted when given in excess but excess vitamin can cause nerve issues. On the other hand, high vitamin A can be stored in his fat cells and may lead to bleeding, dehydration and heart problem. Vitamin E is also normally stored in the fat tissues of a dog and too much may cause neurological problems. Vitamin D can cause your dog to lose his interest in food, have weak muscles and cause bones have problems or become weak.

On the other hand, you vet may advise you to give supplements to your dog if you prepare his meal at home. Homemade meals may the number of nutrients that manufactured or scientifically tested food. Your dog may also be having some form of nutrient deficiency that can often be found through a blood test. The vet would prescribe how long he will need to take it. It is advisable to go back to the vet to check if he still need to continue the treatment. Over treatment may be bad for your pet.

Is it Really Needed?

Overall, supplements are not necessary for your dog to achieve a happy and healthy life. The supplements market for pets is a billion dollar industry that is normally geared towards siphoning money from unknowing pet owner who love their little furry friends and would do anything for them. Try to find a trusted veterinarian to consult with. Always remember that a dog needs proper care and checkups in order to know if he needs something or not.