Cyber Monday is just around the corner. It is one of the best discount events of the year. It gives you a great deal of savings for all sorts of things you may want to get on Cyber Monday. You can really treat and even spoil your dogs, as well as get any expensive over the counter or natural medicines for them.  You can get several coupons to get further savings on this day. You can get flash sales and timed discounts. You can find clearance sales so that you can the best for you money, nows the time to buy dog clothes, beds, food, treats and toys, maybe a new collar, some bowls, blankets, and any other dog related things that you need.

Here’s some resources to get you started, these websites list all the best cyber monday and black friday deals for your pets:

Finding the Best Deals for your Dog on Cyber Monday


Looking for deals can be a bit tricky. There are a lot of scams here and there. But there would always be great savings for those patient to look for them and clever enough to know where to find them. Deals have always been the priority of every shopper out there. People want to make the most of their money because earning money is SOOO difficult.


But how do you find deals? What do you do to get the most awesome discounts out there? How can you even stretch your money so that you can buy more for less cash and treat your little pet to the best?


  1. Sign up to newsletters – Many websites will put you in the loop for upcomng sales by being a part of their mailing list. They can send you discounts and coupons via email. Some of these discounts can also be exclusive.


  1. Taking online surveys – Some companies would like to hear what consumers say about their products. They can provide cashbacks or freebies when you answer their surveys.


  1. Buying in bulk – Sometimes you have to buy more to pay less. If you buy more companies can give you bigger discounts. I’ve seen sites who do discounts if you spend a certain amount on their sites.


  1. Following discount sites – Some sites make money by watching big online retailers. They make money by promoting this site. The retailer site would then give them voucher codes, special coupons and discounts for you to jump from their site to the retailer’s sites.


  1. Social Media – Social media is now the current playing field of most retailers. They can put out sales and promos by simply following their pages. Sharing pages can earn you an entry to a raffle.


  1. Joining raffles – Raffles are a good way to score deals. Be careful though because some of these may use your information and sell them to other companies so make sure to read the fine print.


  1. Knowing sales dates – Sale dates give you further discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been known to give you as much as 70% off on purchases. Prepare for this date. You need to make sure your time, patience and credit card is up for the challenge.


Best Online Deals on Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday started in the US in 2005 when a researcher coined this term while writing her observation that the Monday after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping days of all time. Most employees still have the Thanksgiving shopping bug clinging on to them and instead of focusing on their work would surf the internet and shop around.

Once this term was officially recognized, it took off and online retailers really put this sale date into accord. Cyber Monday became a world wide phenomenon.

From the US, Cyber Monday spread all over the world to UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Bigger discounts were given on Cyber Monday considering that retailers really want to push their merchandise specially those which they haven’t sold on Black Friday.

Finding deals on Cyber Monday for your dog is easy if you know how. You need to learn a few things before going into the battlefield of this big shopping day.


  1. Make a list – In order for you to score the best deal, you need to know what you really want to buy. If you don’t do this, you might end up with many useless things that you don’t need and feeling horrible as if you’ve eating the whole turkey.


  1. Sign up to special deals before this day – Places like Amazon give priority to their Prime Members. If you are a Prime Member you can get a headstart on buying the items they have listed. You can find other similar programs online.


  1. Check the history – Know if the page gives a better deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Some pages may prioritize either one so best to know when to shop.


  1. Go to one stop shopping pages – A lot of websites now dedicate themselves into giving all the best deals in one page. This helps you save time and effort into finding what you want. A lot of them would also compare deals so you’ll know which retailer will give you the highest discount.


  1. Look for free shipping – Shipping may cost you money so finding free shipping or discounted shipping can help you save money on Cyber Monday.


  1. Be fast – It may sound silly but you need to make your fingers run fast on Cyber Monday. So memorize your credit card number and buy the thing real quick specially if it is a high ticket item that would sell out fast.


  1. Read the fine print – Don’t get scammed or don’t get items you won’t like. Read the return policy, shipping intructions and know what are the details behind your purchases. A smart shopper is a knowing shopper.


So for next Cyber Monday, ready your fingers, drink your coffee and click on those deals fast, so that you and your beloved dogs don’t miss out.